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Ruin of castle Nový hrádek

It is an accessible ruin of a castle right in the national park Thayatal (Podyji). It was originally lord’s hunting castle from the middle of 14th century. The area is consisted of two castles - an elder Gothic building with a residential palace and a double oval ring of castle walls and next a front castle created step by step since 15th century from an original fortification. The turning-point of Novy Hradek is the Thirty Year’s War; in 1645 the castle was captured and ruined by Swedish. The eldest part stayed as a ruin but the front part has been used as a summer hunting-lodge by aristocratic owners.

This broken woody landscape, in which is Novy Hradek situated, is for its outstanding value a part of the strict preserved zone of the Podyji national park. There is a very nice view from the ruin of the Dyje river.